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The Effect of Knowledge, Attitudes and Prevention Behaviors for Tuberculosis Infection in Nursing Students



INFORMATION : page. 43~50 / 2016 Vol.18 No.1


Purpose: This study aimed to identify the relationship among knowledge, attitudes and prevention behaviors (PB) on tuberculosis (Tb) infection in nursing students. Methods: 268 subjects were recruited from two universities located in C·D cities of Korea and data were collected utilizing self-reported questionnaires. Results: The mean scores of knowledge, attitudes and PB on Tb infection were 64.83, 3.18 and 2.97. The knowledge differed according to gender (t=-3.16, p=.002), grades (F=32.19, p<.001), educational experience about Tb (EETb) (F=10.59, p<.001), learning information about Tb (t=3.08, p=.002) and getting Tb: self or others (t=2.78, p=.006). The attitudes differed according to grades (F=7.71, p<.001) and EETb (F=2.68, p=.047). The PB differed according to grades (F=7.02, p<.001) and EETb (F=4.55, p=.004). Significant correlations were found between knowledge and PB (r=.20, p=001), attitudes and PB (r=.33, p<.001). The most significant factor influencing PB was attitudes with R2 value of 13.9% (F=11.81, p<.001). Conclusion: These findings indicate that knowledge and attitude adjustment may be necessary to improve PB for Tb infection in nursing students. Moreover further study is necessary to find out the ways to reinforce the level of attitudes. The results of the study can be utilized in educational programs for preventing Tb infection in nursing students.

Keyword :

Tuberculosis,Knowledge,Attitudes,Prevention Behaviors,결핵,지식,태도,예방행위


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