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Effects of Hand Massage with Nail Art on Depression, Self-esteem, and Vital signs of Elderly Women living in a Nursing Home


Joo Hyun Kim 
Hye Jin Hyun 
So Yean Kang 
Hye Ri Nam 
Mi Jin Shin 
Hyun Jung Lee 
Young Ran Chae 

INFORMATION : page. 169~175 / 2016 Vol.18 No.3


Purpose: The aim of this study was to examine the effects of hand massage with nail art on depression, self-esteem and vital signs of elderly women. Methods: The research design was one group pre and post test experimental design. Data were collected from December 7 to December 14, 2015. All participants had hand massage with nail art for 10 minutes. Depression, self-esteem and vital signs were measured before, immediately after the hand massage with nail art and one week later. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and repeated measures ANOVA with SPSS/Win 12.0 Program. Results: Depression (F=30.80, p<.001), self-esteem (F=60.02, p<.000), diastolic pressure (F=29.56, p<.001) and body temperature (F=13.87, p<.001) were significantly different compared to pre-study values. Systolic pressure (F=3.85, p=.059) and pulse rate (F=0.32, p=.576) had no significant difference compared to pre-study values. Conclusion: The findings of this research show that hand massage with nail art has positive effects on decreasing depression and improving self-esteem for senior women who chose nail polish colour by themselves.

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