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Effect of Environmental Enrichment on Cognitive Impairment-induced by Ethanol Exposure in Adolescent Rat


Yoon Ju Kim 
Jong Min Park 
Min Kyung Song 
Ho Hyun Seong 
Youn Jung Kim 

INFORMATION : page. 274~279 / 2016 Vol.18 No.4


Purpose: Adolescents who experienced the alcohol consumption have gradually increased. Adolescence is a critical period of the neural plasticity in the brain. Neural plasticity is mediated by neurotrophins and has an impact on cognitive function. Environmental enrichment ameliorates the cognitive function and increases neurotrophins. Thus, we investigated the neuroprotective effect of environmental enrichment on ethanol induced cognitive impairment in adolescent rats. Methods: The ethanol groups and the controls groups were injected with ethanol (0.5g/kg) and phosphate buffered saline, respectively, through intraperitoneal from 28th day of birth for 11 days. The environmental enrichment groups were provided larger cages containing toys than the standard cage . Passive avoidance test and Y-maze test were performed to evaluate the spatial memory. Results: Environmental enrichment+ethanol group showed higher alterations than the standard environment+ethanol group in Y-maze test (p<.05). In hippocampus, The environmental enrichment+ethanol group showed significantly higher level of the number of c-fos positive celsl and density of tropomyosin receptors kinase B receptor than the standard environment+ethanol group (p<.05). Conclusion: So, we suggested that the environmental enrichment played a role as a prophylaxis for prevention of memory impairment induced by ethanol exposure in adolescence.

Keyword :

Environmental enrichment,Ethanol,Cognition,Adolescent


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