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Effects of Neck and Back Touch on Ultrasonic Vocalization and the Rat Grimace Scale in Rats Receiving Intramuscular Injections


Jung Ok Lee 

INFORMATION : page. 11~17 / 2017 Vol.19 No.1


대부분의 사람들은 질병의 예방 및 치료의 목적으로 근육주사를 통해 약물을 투여 받은 경험을 가지고 있다. 과거에 근육주사로 인한 통증을 경험한 사람들은 근육주사를 두려움과 통증을 유발하는 사건으로 받아들인다. 근육주사는 주사부위 근육에 바늘을 삽입하여 약물을 주입하는 방법으로 진행되므로 기계적 자극에 의한 통증 발생이 필연적이며, 특히 소아병동에 입원 중인 아동에게 주사통증은 병원입원과 같은 환경적 요인이 함께 작용하여 두려움과 공포, 불안과 같은 부정적인 반응을 일으킬 수 있다.

Purpose: To determine the effects of neck and back touch on Ultrasonic Vocalization (UV) and the Rat Grimace Scale (RGS) in rats touched by the human hand as an intervention for reducing pain and anxiety associated with intramuscular injections. Methods: This study was a randomized, controlled, pre-test/post-test design study. Twenty male Sprague-Dawley rats were assigned to either the experimental or control groups (n=10 rats/group). The experimental group was touched in a manner similar to massaging the rat’s neck and back twice a day for one week. The two groups received two intramuscular injections. The 22kHz and 50kHz UV and the RGS scores were measured before and after each intramuscular injection. Results: The 22kHz UV and RGS score were significantly higher in the control group than in the experimental group when the first intramuscular injection was administered; whereas, no difference between the experimental and the control groups were observed when the second intramuscular injection was administered. There was no statistical difference in the 50kHz UV between the two groups when the first and second injections were administered. Conclusion: This study found that touching was an effective intervention method to reduce negative emotions and pain in rats receiving their first intramuscular injection.

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