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Effects of 37˚C Carbon Dioxide Pneumoperitoneum on Core Body Temperature, Systolic Blood Pressure, Heart Rate and Acid-Base Balance: A Randomized Double-blind Controlled Trial


Park Jin il 
Yoon Haesang 

INFORMATION : page. 76~85 / 2017 Vol.19 No.2


복강경 수술은 도입 초기에 여성의 불임시술, 충수돌기절제술과 담낭절제술 등의 단시간 수술에 이용하였지만 최근에는 3시간 이상 소요되는 대장절제술에 이용될 정도로 적용 범위가 확대되고 있다[1]. 복강경 수술은 개복술과 비교하여 통증이 적고, 회복이 신속하여 재원기간이 짧고, 수술 후 일상생활에의 복귀가 신속하다

Purpose: The purpose of this study was to compare the effects of 21˚C CO2 and 37˚C CO2 pneumoperitoneum on body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, and acid-base balance. Methods: Data were collected at a 1300-bed university hospital in Incheon, from February through September 2012. A total of 74 patients who underwent laparoscopic colectomy under general anesthesia with desflurane were randomly allocated to either a control group or an experimental group. The control group received 21˚C CO2 pneumoperitoneum; the experimental group received 37˚C CO2 pneumoperitoneum. The pneumoperitoneum of the two groups was under abdominal pressure 15 mmHg. Body temperature, systolic blood pressure, heart rate and acid-base balance were assessed at 30 minutes and 90 minutes after pneumoperitoneum, and again at 30 minutes after arriving at the Post Anesthesia Care Unit. Results: Body temperature in the 37˚C CO2 pneumoperitoneum group was significantly higher (F=9.43, p<.001) compared to the 21˚C CO2 group. However, there were no statistically significant differences in systolic blood pressure (p=.895), heart rate (p=.340), pH (p=.231), PaCO2 (p=.490) and HCO3- (p=.768) between the two groups. Conclusion: Pneumoperitoneum of 37˚C CO2 is effective for the increase of body temperature compared to pneumoperitonium of 21˚C CO2, and it does not result in a decrease of blood pressure, heart rate or acid-base imbalance.

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