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Association of Sleep, Dietary Behaviors and Physical Activity with Quality of Life among Shiftwork Nurses


Lee A-ra 
Lim Sungju 
Han Kihye 

INFORMATION : page. 252~257 / 2017 Vol.19 No.4


현대 사회는 생활 패턴의 급격한 변화와 산업화로 인해 야간 근 무를 포함한 교대근무 종사자가 상당수에 이른다. 근로실태조사에 따르면 우리나라 근로자의 17.7%가 교대근무를 하고 있다[1]. 간호 사는 환자와 밀접한 관계 속에서 24시간 지속적으로 그들의 상태 를 파악하고 그에 맞는 간호를 수행, 평가하며 양질의 간호를 제공 해야 한다. 그러므로 교대근무가 필수적인 직업군이다.

Purpose: This study aimed to investigate the associations of sleep, dietary behaviors and physical activity with quality of life among shift-work nurses. Methods: For this cross-sectional descriptive study, data were collected from 191 shift-work nurses in a tertiary hospital. Multiple linear regression analysis was used to identify the relationships among variables. Results: The levels of sleep quality, dietary behaviors and physical activity were low. Factors associated with quality of life among shift-work nurses included sleep disturbance (B=-0.16, β=-0.26, p<.001), dietary behaviors (B=0.28, β=0.24, p<.001), and physical activity (B=0.05, β=0.19, p<.001). The strongest factor was sleep disturbance. Conclusion: In order to improve quality of life among shift-work nurses, it is significant to encourage and maintain health behaviors such as sleep, dietary behaviors and physical activity. Under the circumstances where shiftwork cannot be avoided, personal efforts made by nurses to establish their own living standards for positive health behaviors will benefit their quality of life.

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간호사,수면,식생활 행위,신체활동,삶의 질


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