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Study on the Relationship between Skinfold Thickness and Geriatric Depression in Older Adult Woman



INFORMATION : page. 44~49 / 2015 Vol.17 No.1


This research was aimed at evaluating the differences in depression by skinfold thickness, and the relationship between two variables. Methods: Research design was a non-experimental descriptive survey. Using a caliper, we measured skinfold thickness on the triceps, and then on the suprailiac, and the mid-thigh. Depression was evaluated using the Geriatric Depression Scale-Short Form (GDS-SF). Data were collected for one month from Sept 1st to 30th, 2011. There were 52 subjects, 25 of which were from elderly welfare centers and 27 were hospitalized. Results: Subjects were an average age of 76.4±4.45, and the incidence rate of depression (≥6) was 36.5% and those who had a sum of 3 skinfolds over 62 mm were 22.7%. The GDS-SF was significantly different in only the suprailiac skinfold thickness (F=7.25, p<.05). Conclusion: Findings indicate that depression is different based on suprailiac thickness in older adult women at elderly welfare centers and those who were hospitalized in an medical ward. It suggests that the suprailiac skinfold may be an indicator of abdominal obesity when considering depression in elderly women. Further study is needed to evaluate a cutoff score of skinfold thickness in obesity for older adult women.

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피부두겹두께,우울,여성,노인,Aged,Depression,Skinfold thickness,Women


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