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The Effects of Case-Based Learning (CBL) on Learning Motivation and Learning Satisfaction of Nursing Students in a Human Physiology Course



INFORMATION : page. 78~87 / 2015 Vol.17 No.1


The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of case-based learning (CBL) on learning motivation and learning satisfaction of nursing students in a human physiology course. Methods: The development and application of CBL scenarios was conducted from February to June, 2013. Nursing students (n=142) who registered for a human physiology course were assigned into either a control or CLB group. The control group received traditional lectures for 14 weeks. The CBL group received the same 14-week lectures and an additional 5 CBL sessions. The learning motivation and satisfaction were measured by questionnaires at the beginning and the end of the semester. Seven students in the CBL group were randomly selected for a focus-group interview. Quantitative data were analyzed by χ2-test and t-test, and qualitative data were analyzed by content analysis. Results: The learning motivation and learning satisfaction were not significantly different between the two groups. However, 59% of the CBL group answered with a positive impression on the CBL approach as it helped them to feel a sense of achievement, excitement, to form their identity as nursing students, and so on. Conclusion: These findings suggest that the CBL could be a challenging but useful learning method in a physiology course for nursing students. Further studies with guidance, such as instructors’ questions and feedback design are needed to utilize CBL more effectively.

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사례기반학습,학습동기유발,학습만족도,Case-based learning,Learning motivation,Learning satisfaction


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