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Microbial Contamination of Reusable Suction Container and Cost Analysis of Reusable Suction Container and Disposable Suction Container


Ku Eunyong 
Lee Gukgeun 
Jeon Miyang 
Choi Jeonghwa 
Lee Youngok 

INFORMATION : page. 133~140 / 2019 Vol.21 No.2


Purpose: The purpose of this study was to check the degree of residual microbial contamination after disinfection of reusable suction containers, used in an intensive care unit (ICU) and present basic data for efficient use through cost analysis in comparison to disposable suction containers. Method: This study was conducted on 32 reusable suction containers used in an ICU on a selected specific day. After disinfection and washing, specimens were collected from the used containers and cultured to check for microbial contamination. Additionally, a comparative narrative study analyzes the cost of using reusable suction containers and disposable suction containers. Data were analyzed with the SPSS WIN 20.0 program using real numbers and percentage χ2-test. Results: As a result of the study, microorganisms were found in all samples where in 30 were gram-positive (62.5%) while 13 were gram-negative (27.1%). Based on level of contamination, microorganisms were less than 10CFU/ml in 18 samples (56.3%); 11-99CFU/ml in six samples (18.8%); and more than 100CFU/ml in eight samples (25%). Cost per day for a reusable suction container was 10,655 + α while cost per day for a disposable suction container was 10,666 won. Conclusion: This study found that reusable suction containers, even after disinfection, accounted for factors of potential infection as well as microbial contamination. So, disposable suction containers are superior in cost-effectiveness and highly efficient for use with infected patients.

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