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A Review on the Measurement Variables of Nursing Research for Patients with Head and Neck Cancer in Korea


Lee Soon Neum 

INFORMATION : page. 161~168 / 2019 Vol.21 No.3


Purpose: The purpose of this paper (a literature review study) was to confirm the trend of nursing research for head and neck cancer patients in Korea. Methods: Research databases were reviewed and analyzed from 13 papers (2004 through 2019 using KISS, NDSL, RISS, DBpia, and the National Assembly Library. As a result of this paper, we found that there were many studies that used questionnaires. Results: Measurement variables related to head and neck cancer patients were physical variables related to oral condition, psychological variables related to depression and anxiety, social support, family support related to family, and quality of life as a result variable. Conclusion: Therefore, integrated nursing intervention strategies and clinical nursing research considering the physical, psychological, social, and family aspects of head and neck cancer patients are needed. Based on the results of this study, we propose qualitative research on head and neck cancer patients, development of educational programs, intervention studies to verify effects, and development of clinical practice guidelines.

Keyword :

두경부암,간호,종설,Head and neck neoplasms,Nursing,Review


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