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Health Promoting Behavior and Factors in Operating Room nurses


Choi JiYun 
Choi-Kwon Smi 

INFORMATION : page. 308~317 / 2019 Vol.21 No.4


Purpose: This study aimed to investigate the level and related factors related to health-promoting lifestyle in operating room nurses in Korea. Method: A cross-sectional descriptive survey design was employed. The data were collected using questionnaire for three weeks in December 2018 from 110 operating room nurses working for more than six months in a general hospital located in Seoul. The Health Promoting Lifestyle Profile-II, The Korean Version of the Practice Environment Scale of Nursing Work Index, and Operating nurse’s Job stress Factor Scale were used. Results: Significant relationships were observed between health promoting lifestyle and educational level(p=.025), perceived economic status (p=.001) wearing a lead apron for protection from radiation during the operation(p<.001), work satisfaction(p=.016), and fatigue related to work(p=.006). Also significant correlations were identified between nursing work environment and health promoting lifestyle. However, the health promoting lifestyle was not statistically different based on occupational stress(p=.365). In multiple linear regression analyses, the level of health promoting lifestyle found to be higher in subjects who did not wear a lead apron for protection from radiation(p=.017), and who had more positive perception of the nursing work environment(p=.034). Conclusion: In order to increase health promoting lifestyle of operating nurses, the strategies to improve the nursing work environment are essential.

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수술실 간호사,건강증진,근무환경,직무 스트레스


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