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Stroke Risk and Knowledge in Women with Prehypertension



INFORMATION : page. 121~130 / 2008 Vol.10 No.2


뇌졸중은 우리나라􀅡3대 사망원인 중 2위에 해당하고(Korea National Statistical Office, 2008), 전 세계적으로 사망원인 2위인 질환으로(American Stroke Association, 2008) 일단 이환되면 신체적 및 정신적으로 심각한 후유증과 장애를 초래 하여 개인과 가족뿐 아니라 사회 전체적으로 다양한 측면에 서의 비용 소모가 요구되는 질환이다. 더욱이 주로 노년층에 호발하는 것으로 알려진 뇌졸중 발생빈도가 최근에는 중년기 에서도 증가추세를 보이고 있으며, 40-50대 평균 유병률이 1998년과 2001년 3년간 36.4%나 증가한 것으로 보고되고 있 다(Ministry of Health, Welfare and Family Affaire, 2008). 특히 뇌졸중으로 인한 사망률과 후유장애 비율은 여성에서 더 높은 것으로 보고되고 있는데 미국의 경우 매년 남성에 비해 40,000명 이상의 여성이 더 뇌졸중으로 사망하고 뇌졸중 후 요양원에 입소하는 인구의 75%가 여성인 것으로 보고되고 있 어(Ferris, Robertson, Fabunmi, & Mosca, 2005) 뇌졸중으 로 인한 사망률 및 의료비용의 감소를 위해 여성인구에서의 뇌졸중 예방에 관심을 두어야 함을 시사하고 있다 하겠다.

Purpose: This study was undertaken to identify stroke risk with risk factors and knowledge of stork in women with prehypertension. Methods: A total of 46 prehypertensive women in urban area aged 44.8 (SD 11.4) yr old in average were selected by a convenient sampling. Demographic data, risk factors, and knowledge of stroke were assessed through face to face interview. Stroke risk scores were calculated based on points given to age, systolic blood pressure, smoking, DM, and heart disease in Framingham stroke risk score. Data were analyzed by SPSS WIN 12.0 using descriptive statistics, two sample t-test, and Pearson’s correlation coefficient. Results: The mean systolic blood pressure of participants was 133.11 mmHg, and HDL cholesterol was lower than the recommended level, although rest of physiologic risk factors were within normal. Of the participants, 82% did not do regular physical activity and 75% did not control fat intake persistently. Mean stroke risk points and knowledge scores were 4.48 and 29.15, respectively, which were significantly different between women with and without persistent controlling fat intake. Conclusion: Results indicate stroke prevention intervention for prehypertensive women should address comprehensively modifying lifestyle as well as physiologic factors, and information focusing on stroke risk factors and warning symptoms.

Keyword :

Women; Stroke; Risk factors; Knowledge; Life style


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