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Effects of Aroma Inhalation on Blood Pressure, Pulse Rate, Sleep, Stress, and Anxiety in Patients with Essential Hypertension



INFORMATION : page. 41~48 / 2012 Vol.14 No.1


1. 연구의 필요성 고혈압은 심혈관질환의 주요 위험요인으로, 2009년도 국민건강영양조사 결과 우리나라 30세 이상 인구의 30.3%가 앓고 있는 것으로 보고되었다(Ministry of Health & Welfare, & Korea Center for Disease Control & Prevention, 2010). 고혈압은 가장 치료 가능한 위험요인이며, 고혈압에서 합병증을 예방하는 비용은 합병증을 치료하는 비용보다 적으므로(Zanchetti, 1997) 고혈압 환자에 대한 관리는 매우 중요하다. 그러나 고혈압 유병률은 2007년 24.6%에 비하여 2년간 6% 정도 증가한 것에 비하여, 고혈압 관리측면의 지표인 인지율은 58.8%, 치료율 53.0%, 조절률 30.1%로 2008년에 비해 감소하였다(Ministry of Health & Welfare, & Korea Center for Disease Control & Prevention, 2010). 혈압을 적절히 조절하고 생활 습관 등을 교정하면 고혈압과 그 합병증을 줄일 수 있기 때문에(Seo, Kim, Kim, Jang, & Park, 2006) 고혈압 관리를 위한 효율적인 중재가 매우 필요하다.

Purpose: This experimental research exploredthe effects of aroma inhalation on blood pressure, pulse, sleep, stress, and anxiety in patients with essential hypertension who are taking antihypertensive medication. Methods: A pilot survey, pre-test and post-test were conducted. The data were collected from August to October, 2009. The participants were 44 patients randomly assigned to an experimental group (22 people) and a control group (22 people). The experimental group received individual instruction for aroma inhalation, which lasted for 3 minutes. They inhaled blended oils of Lavender, Majoram and Ylang Ylang (The mixed ratio was 4:3:3), three times a day, for two weeks. Data from 36 patients were used for the final analysis (20 from the experimental group, 16 from the control group). Data were analyzed using SPSS version 13.0. Results: Sleep disturbance decreased in the experimental group (t=-2.258, p=.030). Blood pressure,pulse, stress, and anxiety were not significantly different between the two groups (p>.05). Additional analysis of the experimental group showed that physical stress and psychological stress were significantly lowered. Conclusion: Aroma inhalation is an effective paramedical intervention for patients with essential hypertension.

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