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Effects of Self-care Program Using SMS, E-mail, or Telephone Call on Self-care Compliance and Nutritional Status in Hemodialysis Patients



INFORMATION : page. 157~166 / 2009 Vol.11 No.2


만성 신부전증은 진행성 신 손상으로 인한 신 실질의 점진 적인 파괴로 인해 비가역적이고 영구적인 신 기능 장애가 나 타나는 상태를 의미하며, 신장이식이 이루어질 때까지 평생동 안 혈액투석이나 복막투석 같은 장기적인 치료를 받아야 한다 (Denhaerynck et al., 2007). 국내 자료에 따르면 만성 신부전으로 인해 혈액 투석치료를 받는 환자들이 2007년 30,907명으로 2006년 29,031명에 비해 6.4% 증가하였고 만성 신부전 환자 중 혈액투석 환자가 63.5% 를 차지하고 있다(Korean Society of Nephrology, 2007). 이 와 같이 혈액투석 환자가 증가하는 원인은 원인질환이 당뇨성 신증인 경우가 44.9%, 고혈압성 사구체경화증 17.2%로 당뇨, 고혈압 등 만성 성인병 증가와 관련이 있으며 따라서 향후 성 인병 증가와 함께 만성 신부전 발생률이 더 증가될 것으로 예 상할 수 있다(Korean Society of Nephrology, 2007).

The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of self-care program using Short message service (SMS), e-mail, or telephone call on self-care compliance and nutritional status in maintenance of hemodialysis patient. Methods: Nonequivalent pretest-posttest control experimental design was used. Ninety-six patients were allocated to control (n=24), SMS (n=24), e-mail (n=24), or telephone (n=24) group from four hospitals. Experimental groups received self-care program about hemodialysis diet, drug administration, exercise, and fistula care by SMS, e-mail, or telephone call respectively at 3 times a week for 4 weeks. Results: Subjective self-care compliance, and objective self-care compliance including interdialytic weight of SMS and telephone groups were significantly increased than those of control groups. However, nutritional status of SMS and e-mail groups were significantly improved than those of contol groups in albumin and protein level. Conclusion: Self-care program using SMS and telephone call were effective on promoting self-care compliance, while SMS and e-mail were effective on improving nutritional status. The pop-up remaining effect and easy accessible effect of SMS message in busy daily life was considered as an alarm to control fluid and diet.

Keyword :

Self-care compliance; Nutrition; SMS; E-mail; Telephone; Hemodialysis


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