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Effect of Music Therapy on the Physiological Index, Anxiety and Dyspnea of Patients with Mechanical Ventilator Weaning



INFORMATION : page. 57~65 / 2012 Vol.14 No.1


음악은 청취자에게 여러 가지 반응을 일으키게 할 수 있는 역동적인 경험(White, 2000)으로, 음악이 치료에 사용되는 기본원리 중 동질의 원리(iso-modic principle; same mode principle)는 대상자의 기분이나 템포와 동질의 음악을 들려주어 관심을 이끈 다음, 치료적으로 바람직한 기분의 방향으로 음악을 전환시켜 가는 기법이다(Aldridge, 1993). 이런 효과를 치유적 형태로 이용하는 것이 음악요법으로, 음악은 생리적으로 심박동수, 혈압, 호흡 및 면역기능과 스트레스 호르몬 등의 변화를 가져오고, 심리적으로는 상상력과 지능을 자극하여 두뇌에서 기분상태를 변화시켜 불안과 공포를 감소시키는 효과가 있는 것으로 알려져 있다.

Purpose: The purposes of this study were to identify the effect of music therapy on the physiologic index, anxiety and dyspnea of patients who are weaning from mechanical ventilators, and to compare the effects between western and Korean traditional music. Methods: The research format is repeated measures design. The subject group consisted of 21 patients being weaned from mechanical ventilators in a tertiary general hospital in Seoul. Each patient randomly received western music, rest, and Korean traditional music. Western and Korean traditional music were played on an MP3 head phone for 30 minutes. Patients get 30 minutes of rest between the 2 music styles and the rest period. Physiological indices, anxiety and dyspnea were measured before and after patients listened to both styles of music and the rest period. Anxiety and dyspnea were measured with a visual analogue scale. Results: Respiratory rates (RR), rapid shallow breath indexes (RSBI), anxiety and dyspnea decreased, and tidal volume (TV) increased after listening to Western and Korean tradition music in patients weaning from mechanical ventilators. Compared to western music, Korean traditional music yielded significant decreases in RR, RSBI, anxiety and dyspnea, and an increase of TV. Conclusion: Western and Korean traditional music would decrease RR, RSBI, anxiety and dyspnea and increase TV of patients who are weaning from mechanical ventilators. The effects are more pronounced in patients listening to Korean traditional music compared to western music.

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Music therapy,Ventilator weaning,Physiological index,Anxiety,Dyspnea,음악요법,인공호흡기 이탈기,생리적 지수,불안,호흡곤란


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