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The Effect of Warming Methods on the Vital Signs and Thermal Discomfort of



INFORMATION : page. 81~88 / 2010 Vol.12 No.2


수술 중 저체온은 마취로 인하여 정상적인 체온조절 기전 이 억제되고 수술실 내의 낮은 온도 노출, 차가운 수액, 혈액 의 정맥 내 주입, 과다한 신체부위 노출과 차가운 복강세척액 사용으로 발생하며(Cereda & Maccioli, 2004; Cooper, 2006; Insler & Sessler, 2006), 전신마취유도 후 1시간에서 2시간 이내에 개복수술환자의 50% 정도에서 36℃ 이하의 저체온이 발생된다(Eberhart et al., 2005; Kongsayreepong et al., 2003).

Purpose: The purpose of this study was to compare effects of intravenous fluid warming and forced-air warming on perioperative body temperature, Blood Pressure, Pulse and thermal discomfort after gastrectomy under general anesthesia. Methods: Data collection was performed from October, 2009 to February, 2010. The intravenous fluid warming group (27) was warmed through an IV line by an Animec set to 37℃. The forced-air warming group (27) was warmed by Bair Hugger System. The warming continued from induction of general anesthesia to two hours after completion of surgery. The data was analyzed by t-test, c2, repeated measures ANOVA using SPSS/WIN 17.0. Results: There was a significant difference of body temperature and thermal discomfort between the intravenous fluid warming group and the forced-air warming group. Conclusion: We need to explore the effects combination of the intravenous fluid warming and the forced-air warming, and other warming therapy and the efficiency of modalities with regards to cost benefit is also needed.

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The Effect of Warming Methods on the Vital Signs and Thermal Discomfort of the Patient with Gastrectomy


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