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Metabolic Syndrome and Bone Mineral Density among Elderly Korean Women



INFORMATION : page. 134~141 / 2011 Vol.13 No.2


우리나라의 65세 이상 노인 인구는 2010년 11.0%이며, 2030년에는 24.3%, 2050년 38.2%로 급격히 증가하여 고령화 사회로의 진입이 가속화되고 있다(Korean National Statistical Office, 2011). 노인인구의 증가는 만성 질환자 비율의 증가를 의미하며, 65세 이상 노인의 만성 질환 보유율은 1998년 86.7%에서 2005년 90.9%로 계속 증가하였다(Korea Institute for Health and Social A airs, 2005). 그 중 노인에서 흔히 발생하는 골다공증은 골절위험을 증가시켜 사망률과 이환율을 증가시키며 특히 폐경 후 여성에서 중요한 건강문제 중 하나이다. 여성에 있어서 골량의 감소는 폐경 후 에스트로겐의 감소와 밀접한 관련이 있다는 것은 잘 알려진 사실이며, 최근에는 당뇨 또는 심혈관계 질환과 골밀도의 관련성이 보고되면서(Kinjo, Setoguchi, & Solomon, 2007; Leidig-Bruckner & Ziegler, 2001) 대사증후군과 골밀도의 관계에 대한 관심도 증가되고 있다.

Purpose: Although the risk factors of metabolic syndrome have been extensively studied, the association between osteoporosis and metabolic syndrome has remained unclear in Korean elderly women. Yet to be determined are the effect of risk factors of metabolic syndrome on osteoporosis in these subjects. The purpose of this study was to investigate how the risk factors of metabolic syndrome affect the bone mineral density in Korean elderly women. Methods: One hundred twenty one elderly women from a community center in Seoul elderly welfare center participated in this study. A structured questionnare was used to assess their demographics and lifestyles. Participants’ anthropometric information was also obtained by measuring heights, weights, and waist circumferences. The blood samples were also obtained to measure blood glucoses and blood lipids. Bone mineral density was measured with the use of ultra sono. Results: The prevalence of metabolic syndrome in our subjects was 58%. In multivariate regression analysis, fasting plasma glucose level (p=.036) and triglycerides (p=.006) were significant factors predicting bone mineral density after adjusting age and other factors of metabolic syndrome. In age-adjusted analysis, women with metabolic syndrome had significantly higher bone mineral density as compared to those without metabolic syndrome (p=.026). Conclusion: Bone mineral density among elderly Korean women is associated with the level of blood glucose and triglycerides.

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Metabolic Syndrome,Bone Mineral Density,Elderly Women,대사증후군,골밀도,여성 노인


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