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Effects of Aromatherapy in blending oil of Basil, Lavender, Rosemary, and Rose on Headache, Anxiety and Serum Cortisol level in the Middle-Aged Women



INFORMATION : page. 133~139 / 2010 Vol.12 No.3


국내 성인들의 두통 유병률은 경기도 안산시 시민을 대상 으로 한 조사 연구에서 58.3%로 보고되어 성인 인구의 절반 이상이 두통을 경험하는 것으로 나타났다(Seo et al., 2002) 두통이 반복되면 교감신경계를 활성화되고, 불안이 높아지 며, 혈중 코티졸이 증가하여 면역기능이 감소됨으로써 질환 의 감수성이 높아진다(Norton, & Asmundson, 2004). 두통환자들은 대부분 적절한 약물 처방을 받지 못한 상태 에서 진통제를 무분별하게 복용함으로써 오히려 질병기간을 연장시키게 되고 경제적으로도 많은 손실을 입게 된다(Park, Koh, Park, & Lee, 2004). 두통은 스트레스, 우울, 불안 등 의 심리상태와 밀접한 연관이 있으므로 환자의 심리상태를 파악하는 것이 필요하고, 단순히 약물치료를 통해 통증을 감 소시키는 기존의 방법만으로는 부족하다(Andrasik, 1990).

Purpose: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of aromatherapy on headache, anxiety, and serum cortisol level in middle-aged women with recurrent headaches. Methods: Nineteen patients in the intervention group and 21 in the control group participated in the exercise. They were randomly selected volunteers whose average headache score over 6 months with above 4 points on the visual analogue scale (VAS). The experimental group received aromatherapy for 5 days; inhalation (3 times per day) and an application on the neck and both shoulders (one time per day). Prior and post treatment scores in headache, anxiety, and measurement of serum cortisol in experimental group were measured. Then, these were compared with the control group. The headache score was measured by VAS; anxiety score was measured by State Trait Anxiety Inventory; serum cortisol was measured by Radio-Immune-Assay method. Results: Decrease in headache, anxiety, and serum cortisol level in the experimental group was greater than those in the control group. Conclusion: It confirmed aromatherapy is effective in reducing headache, anxiety, and serum cortisol level.

Keyword :

Aromatherapy; Middleaged women; Headache


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