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The Effect of the 3ㆍ3ㆍ5ㆍ5 Walking Club Program to Health Promotion of the Elderly



INFORMATION : page. 96~104 / 2008 Vol.10 No.1


Purpose: We had executed the 3ㆍ3ㆍ5ㆍ5 walking club program for 12 weeks for one hour three times per week to evaluate the effect of the program on health of the elderly. Methods: A pre and post measurement tool of the program was applied to measure obesity, rate of body fat, blood pressure, vital capacity, standard vital capacity, intake capacity of maximum oxygen, grasping power, reaction of whole body, pulse, body mass index (BMI), total bodily score, age of bodily strength, age of health. Data collected from this tool was analyzed by SPSS in paired t-test. Results: The 3ㆍ3ㆍ5ㆍ5 walking club program has affected the weight control of the participants. The participants of 3ㆍ3ㆍ5ㆍ5 walking club program reduced their weight from 61.7 ㎏ to 61.25 ㎏, rate of body fat from 21.89 ㎏ to 21.22 ㎏, standard vital capacity from 2,393.56 ㎖ to 2,380.44 ㎖, reaction of whole body from 475.38 msec to 439.33 msec, and increased grasping power from 22.06 to 23.16 ㎖ (p<.05), total bodily score 68.91 points to 71.38 points significantly (p<.05). Conclusion: The result indicated that the 3ㆍ3ㆍ5ㆍ5 Walking club program has an positive effect on improving health care of the elderly without special exercise tools.

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노인,걷기 운동프로그램,건강증진,Elderly,Walking program,Health promotion


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