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Multimedia Contents Development of Web-based Basic Nursing Physical Science - Centered on Structure and Function of Heart -



INFORMATION : page. 38~52 / 2000 Vol.2 No.2


This study was conducted to develop web-based distance learning program of basic nursing physical science which was composed of a multimedia contents such as documents, voices and pictures. This was to advance curriculum of basic nursing physical science based on a proper nursing characteristics related to other major nursing subjects and induce a new and creative method to gain a knowledge. Based on a general learning design model, distance learning program was developed centered on a structure and function of heart among contents which got a consensus in the conference of academy of basic nursing physical science in 1999. The stages of development were like this. Firstly, at the analytic stage, specific units and contents for developing multimedia contents were decided and presentation methods for each item were designed and then the evaluation items were developed. Secondly, at the design stage, the most effective design of multimedia construction was selected and interfaces, basic frames, and presentation elements were chosen. Thirdly, at the developmental stage, internet files were designed using Namo web editor 4.0 and this files were modified with Adobe Photoshop.

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멀티미디어,콘텐츠 웹기반,기초간호자연과학,Multimedia Contents,Web-based,Basic Nursing Physical Science


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