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The Effect of Guided Imagery on Blood Pressure and Pulse Rate - In Nursing Students -



INFORMATION : page. 31~39 / 2003 Vol.5 No.2


The purpose of this study was to test the effect of guided imagery on blood pressure and pulse rate. The subjects were thirty-nine nursing students in I university located in Busan, Korea. To enhance the effect of treatment, they were trained getting themselves absorbed in guided imagery on three different occasions before the study. Actually in the study, the subjects were given instruction in Mason's guided imagery for 19 minutes and 58 seconds. Blood pressure and pulse rate were measured before and after guided imagery application. The data were analyzed through paired t-test, The Results were as follows : 1) There was a significant decrease in systolic blood pressure after the use of guided imagery. 2) There was no significant decrease in diastolic blood pressure after the use of guided imagery. 3) There was a significant decrease in pulse rate after the use of guided imagery. These results indicate that guided imagery is a helpful technique for decreasing blood pressure and pulse rate, which are increased in stress condition.

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지시적 심상요법,혈압,맥박,간호대학생,guided imagery,blood pressure,pulse rate,nursing students


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