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The Effect of Aromatherapy on Depression and Anxiety of Chronic Hemodialysis Patients



INFORMATION : page. 53~64 / 2004 Vol.6 No.1


Introduction : Chronic hemodialysis patients have been psychological problems because of being compelled to follow a dialysis schedule for a long period of time. Specificially, depression and anxiety are so frequently observed that psychological management is requireed for most hemodialysis patients. Fragnance has been known to have beneficial psychological and physiological effects on human. This study was designed to investigate the psychological effect of aromatherapy on chronic hemodialysis patients. Methods: 40 subjects of this study selected from Je Young-Sung Internal Medicine Clinic in Busan. The experimental group were random assigned to 20 subjects who had visited on Monday,& Wendesday & Friday and received aroma therapy every day for 2 weeks. the control group were random assigned to 20 subjects who had visited on Tuesday & Thursday & Saturday and did not receive any intervention. Experiment had been conducted from July. 7th July 21, 2003 and anxiety by Spilberger's state anxiety scale and depression by Zung's Scale were measured in the course of aromatherapy for both experimental group and control group. A control period consisting of natural hospital smells was established before each test session, and then aromatic test conditions were systematically evaluated for odorless conditions as wen as aromatic conditions containing 100% lavender necklace for 2 weeks. Data were analyzed by, frequency, percentage, mean, S.D. x²- test, t-test, Results : 1) Anxiety scores were not significantly decreased in the experimental group(54.57±13.20) after treatment compared to the control group(49.45±12.41)(t=1.225, p=.228). 2) Depression scores were significantly decreased in the experimental group(43.95±5.63) after treatment compared to the control group(49.65±9.84) (t=-2.367, p=.023). Conclusions : These findings indicate that the aromatherapy may decreased depression. It is suggested that the aromatherapy could be an effective nursing intervention to reduce to depression by chronic hemodialysis patients.

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아로마요법,혈액투석환자,불안,우울,aromatherapy,chronic hemodialysis patients,anxiety,depression


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