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The Effects of Aromatherapy on Autonomic Nerve System and Physical resistance of a Stress



INFORMATION : page. 5~17 / 2004 Vol.6 No.2


Purpose : The purpose of this study is to determine effects of aromatherapy on the activity and balance of autonomic nervous system and on physical resistance to stress. Methods: This research is a primitive experimental design which attempts to analyze aromatherapy EKG monitoring on real-time basis. Lavender & Chamomile, each 30 drops, were blended with 100m! Sweet Almond oil. Subjects was laid relaxed, and had insides of his wrists and ankles attached with electrodes for EKG. Right after applied with essential oil onto his philtrum and parotid, started on EKG monitoring. Results : The activities of parasympathetic and sympathetic nerve were changed as time elapsed, with significant differences (p=.000). In multiple comparison, the value was significantly different (p<.05).The balance of autonomic nerve was changed, becoming close to the normal level in accord with applicable international standards(1.5)(p=.0.11). In multiple comparison, the value showed a significant difference(p<.05). Physical resistance to stress increased with the passage of time, but not statistically significant. Conclusions : This suggests that aromatherapy can be used as a nursing intervention which aims at alleviating symptoms related to the imbalance of autonomic nerve system such as headache, hot flashes, irregular heartbeat, nervousness, depression and anxiety.

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아로마요법,자율신경계의 활성과 균형,신체적 스트레스 저항도,Aromatherapy,Activities and Balances of Autonomic nervous System,Physical Resistances to Stress


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