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A Study of Content Analysis on ICU(Intensive Care Unit) Nurses' Knowledge of Basic Nursing Sciences



INFORMATION : page. 41~49 / 2002 Vol.4 No.1


The purpose of this study was to identify the knowledge contents of basic nursing sciences needed by nurses in the practices of the intensive care unit(ICU). To attain the goal of this study, the nurses working at 10 hospitals in the areas of Seoul and Kangwon Province were randomly selected. They were primarily interviewed, and the open question was secondarily put to them through the questionnaire. In the process of the 1st interview, the interviewees were asked of the question, "What is the knowledge of basic sciences such as anatomy, pathology, physiology, microbiology, pharmacology and the like thought to be lacking when you communicate with doctors in the ICU and when you carry out your nursing practices in it?" The contents of the interview were tape-recorded. The period of data collection ranged from May 1, 2001 to Sept 30. The interviews were conducted with total of 20 nurses. The open-end questionnaire was secondarily mailed to nurses. 113 questionnaires were returned. 100 questionnaires except 13 ones thought to be poorly completed in content were used for data analysis. Three coders classified data obtained from the interview and the questionnaire research into 5 detailed items relating to such as anatomical physiology, pathology, pharmacology, microbiology and basics of nursing. The three coders had experiences in nursing education of 18 years, 8 years and 6 years, respectively, and of them one coder was professor in basic nursing science. Data were statistically treated using frequency analysis and percentage by the SAS program. As a result, the following findings were obtained : It was found that the contents that ICU nurses responded were most needed in the field of Human structure and function were water and electrolytic balance(38%), blood and circulatory system(20%), changer in the patient's skin(12%), the arrangement of the human body(10%) and the endocrine system(10%), nervous system(6%), and assessment of the state of the patient's consciousness(4%). It was found that the contents that ICU nurses responded were most needed in the field of pathology were found to be the process of the progress of the disease(32%), symptoms of the disease(27%), prognosis of the disease(22%), followed by the injury-healing process, clinical pathological examination, and examination by radiation. It was found that the contents that nurses responded were most needed in the field of pharmacology were the effect of drug(25%), the side effect of drug(22%), the relationship between diseases and drug(20%), the relationship between disease-causing bacteria and drug (20%) and chemotherapy(2%). It was found that the contents that ICU nurses responded were most needed in the field of microbiology were the relationship between diseases and disease-causing bacteria(45%), Kinds and characteristics of disease-causing bacteria(18%), infection control(16%), application of the aseptic technique(12%), isolation(9%) and the like. It was found that the basic knowledge that ICU nurses responded were needed were the identification of the patient's current state(36%), understanding of the therapeutic process(22%), the operating principle of medical equipment and instrument(20%), medical terminology(9%), equipment and instrument management(7%), calculation of the dose of injection(2%) and the like.

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중환자실 간호사,기초간호과학 지식,intensive care unit nurses,basic nuresing sciences


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