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Post-exposure Treatment and Seroconversion to Blood-borne Viruses after Needlestick Injuries among Healthcare Personnel



INFORMATION : page. 26~32 / 2014 Vol.16 No.1


1940년대 이전에 셈멜와이즈와 그의 동료인 콜레차가 비엔나의 의과대학에서 근무 중 주사침 손상을 당하고 연쇄알균 패혈증으로 사망한 사례가 의료종사자가 경피적 사고 후 혈액매개질환에 감염된 사례로 가장 오래된 것이다. 이후 1940년대부터 간염이 의료종사자들에게 문제로 대두되었고, 1984년에 주사침 손상 이후 human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) 감염 사례가 처음으로 보고되었으며, 1987년에 C형 간염이 주사침 손상으로 인하여 전파되었다는 보고가 있었다.

Purpose: Needlestick injuries (NSI) is the most frequent occupational hazard for healthcare personnel (HCP), and immediate report and adequate post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) is essential in preventing occupational transmission of blood-borne pathogens. Methods: From June 2010 to October 2010, 544 NSI were reported through websites from 21 general hospitals in Korea. Among those, 499 cases of NSI were analyzed to identify the rate of follow-up treatment completion and for seroconversion. Results: 88.2% of the cases were completed with follow-up treatment, 8.8% of the NSI were not completed with follow-up treatment, and 5 cases were unavailable to trace. 4.2% cases of NSI required a hepatitis B vaccination concurrent with hepatitis B immunoglobulin. 41.1% of the cases and 31.1% of the cases needed to be tested for anti HCV and anti HIV, respectively. Prophylaxis medication for HIV was prescribed in 3 cases, and all cases completed required 1 month of medication. There was 1 case (0.2%) of seroconversion to HCV. Conclusion: The PEP completion rate was not satisfactory, and the importance of completion of PEP treatment should be emphasized through education and counseling. Also, a careful risk assessment is needed for HCP who are exposed to HCV or HIV.

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Needlestick injury,Healthcare personnel,Post-exposure prophylaxis,Seroconversion,주사침 손상,의료종사자,감염예방처치,혈청양성전환


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