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Pain Management Survey of Psychiatric Unit Nurses



INFORMATION : page. 150~156 / 2014 Vol.16 No.2


통증은 매우 복잡하고 다양한 수준으로 나타나는 객관적이며 주관적 요인으로서 국제 통증연구학회는 통증을 실제적이거나 잠재적인 조직손상 또는 불쾌한 감각 및 정서적 경험이라고 정의하고 있다(International Association for Study of Pain, 1979). 인간의 보편적 조건에는 쾌락과 고통 즉 통증이라는 감정과 감각사이에서 심리 철학적 접근과 생리학적 접근을 한다(Kang, 2010). 통증을 호소하는 환자 중 불안, 우울 등 많은 정서 장애와 행동 이상이 동반되며, 정신장애 환자 중에서도 통증을 호소하는 경우가 많다.

Purpose: This study was intended to measure the knowledge and attitudes of nurses working in a psychiatric ward regarding the subject of pain. Methods: In this descriptive study, data were collected in psychiatric wards(or hospitals) located in the Kyungnam and Kyungpook area from December 2013 to January 2014, using a modified version of the McCaffrey and Pasero Clinical Manual Survey Regarding Pain. The content of the survey follows a logical progression from common pain management problems through mechanisms of pain, assessment and pharmacology. Results: The average score of knowledge regarding pain was roughly 21.59±2.93 among the 181 participants. The nurses selected Tylenol as the preferred choice (81.2%). Seventy-one percent of respondents didn’t use Pain Intensity Instruments during the pain assessment. The subjects preferred the Numerical Rating Scale rather than Visual Analogue Scales. Pharmacology questions were the least likely to be answered correctly. No specific correlations were found between score and demographic variables of age and experience. No specific correlation between score and educational level was noted. Conclusion: Nurses require ongoing education on pain management, particularly regarding pharmaceutical agents.

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Psychiatric,Nurses,Pain,Knowledge,Pain management,정신과 간호사,통증 지식,통증 관리


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