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The Knowledge, Need, and Usage of Medical Terminology in Clinical Nursing Practice



INFORMATION : page. 276~283 / 2014 Vol.16 No.4


우리나라의 기초 의학용어 사용의 시작은 1910년을 전후하여 서양 의학교육이 도입되면서 영어로 된 의학교과서를 우리말로 번역하면서 이루어졌다. 그 당시 번역된 용어는 일본의 한자용어를 사용하였으며 1970년대 들어서 과학기술처에서 과학기술용어집 발간과 함께 약 10만 용어 이상이 수록된 의학용어편이 출판되었다. 이후 1970년부터 1980년까지 여러 학술 단체에서 학문의 특성이 가미된 의학용어집을 별도로 출판하였는데 이때 출판된 의학용어집은 대부분 한자를 적은 일본식 한자용어를 사용하였다. 이에 1990년대부터 대한해부학회가 주축이 되어 우리말을 근간으로 하는 의학용어집을 발간하였으며 현재는 의사와 간호사 면허를 위한 국가시험에서 2010년 대한의사협회에서 발간한 우리말 의학용어 5판을 사용하도록 권장하고 있다(Jung, 2006; Kang, 2013).

Purpose: The purpose of this study was to identify levels of knowledge, need, and usage of medical terminology in clinical nurses. Methods: Participants for this study consisted of 127 clinical nurses who work at one general hospital located in Seoul in Korea. The data was collected from April 1st to the 22nd in 2014. Participants responded to self-administered questionnaires about their knowledge, need, and usage of English medical terminology, Chinese character medical terminology, and Korean medical terminology. The data was analyzed using an independent t-test, one-way ANOVA, Duncan’s test as post hoc and Pearson’s correlation. Results: The mean scores of knowledge and needs with English medical terminology were high. English medical terminology and Chinese character medical terminology were more useful tools for disease than Korean medical terminology. Knowledge of medical terminology was positively correlated between needs and correct use with the clinical nursing situation. Conclusion: Based on these results, it can be concluded that medical terminology education for bio-nursing curriculum is important for clinical nurses and standardization of essential medical terminology is needed.

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